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Spring but make it fashion: Top picks for the season

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Spring brings a ton of joy to people for many reasons, and one of them is fashion. With better weather and brighter days ahead, changing the wardrobe to become spring-appropriate can be tricky, especially when trends constantly change. Staying true to the classics and timeless pieces is a sure-fire way to look fine during the season.

Sure, the days are longer, but spring still isn’t summer. Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets helps create a long line silhouette, making shapes that resemble ’80s fashion. Whether one is dressing up or down, this rocking piece will truly give out that spring look. For the next few years, face masks will certainly be part of the essentials when heading out. A black face mask allows one to stay stylish, sleek, and neutral.

Pastel tones are here to stay. Since last year, pastel tones have dominated the fashion scene, with loungewear and athleticwear embracing the trend. The chic hues will leap from loungewear to smart casual and will remain a huge hit until the summer. Spring is the prelude to summer, making yellow bags a great introduction to brighter ensembles.

Camel and yellow color styling brings back the ’70s vibe that many fashionistas gush about nowadays. Neutral and chic at the core, these colors and textures have been given a revamp over the years, says Remi Landau. Florals are the season’s must-have and for all the right reasons. Floral dresses, which signify new life and hope, convey the message of spring better than any other print.

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional and enthusiast who recently served as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. Head over to this page for more fashion reads.

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Slowly but surely: Changing the wardrobe from winter to spring

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Winter doesn’t always fade into thin air. Typically, winter lasts for 90 days, but it lingers for about a month into spring. The key to staying warm and cozy as winter fades is to keep wardrobe items that fit well both in the colder months and during spring.

As ice thins out, keep ankle boots on rotation, mentions Remi Landau. These trusty winter-through-spring footwear keep legs warm just right. With leggings or bare legs, ankle boots are an excellent choice for some daytime walk. From winter to spring, one’s way to survive the cold and tough breeze is by layering. Statement jackets help take an individual’s fashion game to another level. Skip the wool and keep the leather trench coat. This offers enough warmth during spring nights.

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Jumpsuits do well with layering. Keep a few of these on rotation for a fashionable transition from winter to spring. When welcoming spring, toss in some colors appropriate for the season. Pastel-colored shirts, scarves, and flats are exciting additions to the wardrobe. As winter leaves slowly and spring enters gracefully, introduce warm colors and prints. Pair them with black leather pants or leather miniskirts.

Remi Landau suggests pairing heavy winter shades with bright spring colors for a smooth transition. Come the end of the winter, trade boots for flats. The beginning of spring could still be chilly, so wear a layer beneath a spring-inspired dress. One must invest in jackets, coats, leggings, and footwear to help the wardrobe transition from winter to spring seamlessly.

Remi Landau received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. She is a fashion design professional and enthusiast who recently served as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. For more updates, head over to this page.

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What 2021 holds for loungewear and other quarantine fashion trends

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2020, the year COVID-19 became a pandemic, saw the rise of loungewear and other fashion trends. With more and more people deciding to work from the comfort of their own home, the struggle to find clothes fit for the world outside vanished, thanks to easy dresses, pullovers, and sweatpants.

Personal stylist Remi Landau shares that loungewear will have a new face in 2021. While cozy fabrics are here to stay, many designers and manufacturers are looking into developing eco-friendly pieces. The world has taken multiple hits the past year, and sustainability sure is one goal every sector is moving toward. Fans of loungewear should expect to see brands using organic, deadstock, and natural materials through nominal chemical and dyeing processes.

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Tracksuits are making a strong comeback this year following the rise of loungewear. Men and women will have many different shades and hues of tracksuits to look forward to as brands are onto manufacturing ones that are versatile, casual, and stylish. The softer sibling of the tracksuit is the two-piece sweatsuit. Two-piece sweatsuits that are comfier and cozier than the usual tracksuit can look sexy and stylish while giving off that chill vibe.

According to Remi Landau, jogging suits will be back in style. People focus on building their immune system to better fight off viruses, making exercise one of their priorities. Jogging suits offer a seamless transition from working from home to running outdoors. 2020 has reintroduced loungewear, and 2021 is sure to give it a makeover.

Remi Landau received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. As accessories intern for Harper’s Bazaar, she ois responsible for assisting the head of digital marketing and coordinating the placement of accessories for fashion editorial shoots. Head over to this page for more style updates.

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Easy ways to store and maintain shoes

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As an essential fashion piece, shoes need to be treated and stored well to last for years. For footwear lovers, each pair is an investment and a reward. Fashion professional Remi Landau shares practical ways to store shoes the right way to keep them looking fresh.

Set up a shoe organizer

Before getting a shoe cabinet, shoe tree, or shoe rack, one must make sure to store the shoes in a part of the house that is dry, cool, and away from sunlight. Those who have a big shoe collection, the most used pairs of shoes should be in an open storage to prevent leather or fabric from getting damp. On the other hand, shoes that aren’t used as much can be stored in closed cabinets or boxes. After using the shoes, be sure to wipe the dirt from the surface before putting them back in storage.

Stuff shoes with newspaper

Remi Landau says that weather changes, humidity, frequent use, and other factors might cause damage and odor. To keep shoes fresh, stuff shoes with newspaper. Not only will this keep each pair dry but it will also maintain the shape of the shoes.

Use shoe protector

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Not all shoe protectors are made equal. One must check if the shoe protector is appropriate for the material and type of shoe. Taking this step will maintain the quality of the shoes even after years of use. Those who want to add an extra layer to their favorite pairs can use waterproof and stain-proof sprays.

Invest in shoe trees and shoe horns

Remi Landau understands that shoes are a big part of a person’s style. Using shoe trees and shoe horns will maintain the shape of footwear even after multiple uses. This is especially true for leather shoes that tend to stretch and crease after a years of use. As for canvas shoes, using a shoe horn will help preserve its form.

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional and enthusiast who recently served as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. For more interesting reads on fashion, visit this page.