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Working from home? A few tips for video call fashion

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Fashion professional Remi Landau has once mentioned that video calls have taken the place of face-to-face meetings and social gatherings these days. And since everyone is still settling into the new normal, others are still trying to figure out how they will look on-screen truly.

For today’s blog, Remi Landau discusses some important fashion points for people who do video calls.

For starters, Remi Landau reminds people that a pajama top or an old school t-shirt might not exactly be the wisest choice during a video conference where teammates and bosses are present. It’s acceptable to wear boxers or lounge pants during a meeting. However, the top should always look professional.

Wearing structured shirts, blouses, or blazers is more appropriate for calls where serious matters are being discussed with key personnel. However, adding a cardigan or a blazer will make anyone feel more in the mood to tackle matters at work for those with a casual dress code. In fact, Remi Landau has mentioned before that nowadays, with the entire world still struggling with the effects of the global pandemic, dressing well can help people feel confident and empowered.

As for more casual online meetups such as video calls with family and friends, people who stay indoors can still express themselves through their fashion. Remi Landau also notes that putting on the right ensemble can even alter a person’s mood.

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Getting out of sleepwear can help a person navigate the day better and feel less affected by cabin fever. In addition, for those who want to feel better about themselves, wearing bright-colored tops and accessories can be a day-changer.

On the other hand, those who love their neutrals can still enjoy their go-to pieces and accessorize so that they can show up nice and polished when they show up on-screen. Looking good online will surely bring a smile even to the person on the other end, Remi Landau adds.

Remi Landau is a graduate of Syracuse University. She most recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist. Visit this page for updates.

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A productive pandemic with meditation and calligraphy

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Fashion professional Remi Landau knows that the pandemic has brought about challenges that are not easy to handle by most people out there. But, despite the looming shadow that the COVID-19 pandemic has cast upon everyone, people have tried to find ways to make things a little more bearable.

It’s a good thing that some folks have been very creative in doing everything possible to keep people entertained at home, and it so happens that Japanese lifestyle retailer Muji has done exactly that by way of its virtual classes.

On its Instagram page, Muji has set up meditation classes for everyone to participate in, shares Remi Landau. Here, you can catch professional instructors lead you into 5-minute morning sessions that offer some light stretching exercises and meditation, just for you to ease into the day ahead. Of course, nothing beats having a clear mind before facing all the day’s demands, which have probably been in your head since the night before.

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The retailer, mostly known for its diffusers, is also sponsoring calligraphy workshops on IGTV. Calligraphy is surely going to be a helpful skill to add to your arsenal of talents, which you can put to good use and maybe even earn from. Muji has provided some calligraphy suggestions which you can use in creating handmade gifts. Surely, gift-giving can’t get any more personal than that.

Consumers can expect more from Muji in the days to come, thanks to its creativity which has truly benefitted many of its fans and followers on social media. This pandemic doesn’t have to be that tough to endure, thanks to its out-of-the-box ideas.

Syracuse University alum Remi Landau worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist. For more on Remi, visit this page.

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A guide to spring cleaning the wardrobe

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Cleaning the closet is the major task of many people during spring. A little tidying up of the closet opens many doors to finding new styles, bringing back spritely layers, and making space for new pieces. Here’s a simple guide to winning at wardrobe spring cleaning.

It’s best to get in the zone before diving headfirst into the pile of clothes. Prepare a playlist to groove to while doing the task and deciding which pieces to keep, toss, or give away, suggests Remi Landau. Some say the one-year rule is the most effective clothing rule, while others champion the three-year rule. Considering either would still help one organize their closet.

Once items have been separated into piles of to keep, toss, or give away, it would be easier to organize clothes that are staying. Investing in good organization items encourages one to keep their closet tidy and organized for most of the year. Bra organizers, black or any neutral-colored hangers, transparent boxes, accessory organizers, and shelf dividers keep the closet tidy and light on the eyes.

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It goes without saying that the best way to fold clothes is the Marie Kondo way. When it comes to storing prized items or luxury clothing in the closet, fashion industry professional Remi Landau recommends keeping them in garment bags to prevent dust from clinging to the material. Consider replacing faulty zippers and buttons on expensive clothing items or having them tailored to extend their life.

Remi Landau is a recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. Ms. Landau has recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist. To read more, head over to this page.

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Spring but make it fashion: Top picks for the season

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Spring brings a ton of joy to people for many reasons, and one of them is fashion. With better weather and brighter days ahead, changing the wardrobe to become spring-appropriate can be tricky, especially when trends constantly change. Staying true to the classics and timeless pieces is a sure-fire way to look fine during the season.

Sure, the days are longer, but spring still isn’t summer. Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets helps create a long line silhouette, making shapes that resemble ’80s fashion. Whether one is dressing up or down, this rocking piece will truly give out that spring look. For the next few years, face masks will certainly be part of the essentials when heading out. A black face mask allows one to stay stylish, sleek, and neutral.

Pastel tones are here to stay. Since last year, pastel tones have dominated the fashion scene, with loungewear and athleticwear embracing the trend. The chic hues will leap from loungewear to smart casual and will remain a huge hit until the summer. Spring is the prelude to summer, making yellow bags a great introduction to brighter ensembles.

Camel and yellow color styling brings back the ’70s vibe that many fashionistas gush about nowadays. Neutral and chic at the core, these colors and textures have been given a revamp over the years, says Remi Landau. Florals are the season’s must-have and for all the right reasons. Floral dresses, which signify new life and hope, convey the message of spring better than any other print.

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional and enthusiast who recently served as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. Head over to this page for more fashion reads.